“Liebster Blog Award 2013”

Hi guys! I had a nominee for the “Liebster Blog Award” 2013.

Liebster blog award is given by blogger to other bloggers with less than 200 followers to increase visits.

Many thanks to http://feedingthesonis.wordpress.com for following my blog and sharing the contents.
Here is the list of questions asked after receiving this nomination:

1. What inspired you to blog and what do you intend to achieve by it?

My blog it’s basically a place to express my ideas and perceptions about food, wine & hospitality marketing. I am glad sharing ideas and points of view with other bloggers and I am happy receiving their messages.

2. If you could change something in this world (a miss world kind of question) what would it be?

People’s mind and misbehaving, I would like people to pay more respect to other people.

3. If you were going to live on a deserted island, what three things could you not live without?

My dog, internet and coffee

4. Bollywood or Hollywood movies (I just had to ask this lol) or not a movie goer?

BHollywood (lol)

5. If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?

Buying a big farm as a headquarter of my company, being surrounded by beloved ones and animals

6. Do you blog in your spare time if so whats your main profession?

Communication, and my blog is a primary thing to communicate and sharing ideas and points of view to companies/followers

7. If were given a second chance to live what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t change anything, I would rather be more attentive to avoid some mistakes but everything I did, I did it because I wanted to.

8. Where is your favourite holiday destination and when/where was the last time you travelled?

It’s a secret place in the middle of nowhere up to the mountains in Italy: no shops, no bar, just horses and woods. Went there on Sept.

9. Do you have any bad habits you would like to change?

I don’t smoke a lot but I know I’ll have to quit someday and maybe do more sport šŸ˜¦

10. What is the most delicious food you have ever tasted?

My mom’s Amatriciana!

10 random facts about me:

1- I started reading and writing when I was 3 years old

2- At 7 I got bored and I started writing from right to left

3- I am unpredictable: I could be drinking wine with my friends and the morning after you could find me on the opposite side of earth

4- I am grumpy when I wake up

5- I like to keep my lifeĀ private

6- I am a sociable person but when I’m blue I like spending my time alone until it’s gone

7- I like shoes (of course I am a woman! lol) and watching my soccer team playing

9- I married David Beckham when I was 18 but I divorced as he was too jealous (lol)

10- I am lazy but I never say NO to real good friends!

According to the rules I have to list 10 blogs and make them a few question. The questions are:

1-What inspired your blog and what keeps your inspired?

2-List 3 people who changed your life or you’ve been inspired and why

3-If you would have a company would you been focused on values or money?

4-A great holiday for you: where would you go?

5-Your favourite wine?

6-What would you change in yourself?

7-Is your blog reflecting your personality and why?

8-money or fame?

9-What’s the next step for your blog?

10-why is your blog unique?

then I would like them to list 10 random facts about theirselves

the blogs I choosed are the following: